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Defend Yourself in a Civil Lawsuit

Defend yourself in a civil lawsuit. This package includes legal pleadings.

The Defendant’s Package is based on fact. It includes real tools, documents, and letters that you need to be successful in avoiding a judgment. It will help you in getting creditors off your back, and improving and/or repairing your credit score.

The Defendant’s Package Includes

  • Introduction — Lawsuit Anatomy, The Parties, The Burden, Belief v. Knowledge, How to Move the Court to Get What You Want, How to Make a Winning Record

  • Planning — Half the Battle Won: Getting Ready for the Fight, Identifying Causes of Action, Stating Causes of Action

  • Complaint — Where the Fight Begins: Identifying the Court, Identifying the Parties, Identifying the Document, Who Sues Whom and for What?, Why This Court?, Stating the Case, Stating the Right to Sue, Closing and Signatures

  • Flurry of Motions — Avoiding the Answer: Motions to Dismiss, Motions to Strike, Motions for More Definite Statement

  • Answer — Establishing the Issues: How to Admit, How to Deny, How to Claim You Have No Knowledge

  • Discovery — How Cases are Won: Clarifying Issues, Getting Documents and Things from the Other Side, Asking Questions, Examining Witnesses Face-to-Face, Issuing Subpoenas and Court Process

  • Trial — Your Last Chance: Being Prepared to Win

  • Evidence — What Comes In: Facts v. Guesswork, The Reasonable Man

  • Philosophy of Justice — Foundation: Maxims of Equity, The Rule of Law, The Rule of Rules, The Rule of Reason

  • Epilogue: Closing Arguments, How to Reduce Legal Fees

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