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Credit Card Lawsuit and Message Boards

When I was served for the first time, I didn’t know what I was doing and I went to a Message Board for help.

I asked a few questions and got all wrong answers. I ended up researching for countless hours and reading my court rules over and over again until I fully understood them.

I won three cases and put a package together to help others so that they are not stuck wasting their time with countless hours of research, stress, and being scared on top of it.

Now because I asked a few questions on a message board I received a private message over at that message board today from someone with the nerve to tell me that I copied his/her advice and to never ask for his/her advice again. I thanked that person for their time in answering my questions and this person assumes that they won my cases for me.

However, this person’s answers to my questions were totally wrong. This person told me to answer my Summons, file a Memorandum, to ask for a Motion to Dismiss in my prayer, and so many other things that were totally wrong. This person messed me up from the beginning and yet has the nerve to send me a private message and tell me not to ask for their advice again. This doesn’t pose a problem seeing that everything they told me was wrong to begin with.

My advice to you today is if you are visiting message boards, you better do your research when people answer your posts and make sure the advice that they are giving you is the right advice. The advice I received was all the wrong and could have cost me my case.

Take it all in your stride and do your own research to prove that the answers they are giving you are the right answers. Do yourself a favor and do not assume that just because you received some advice from a message board that it is the right advice.

Have these people gone through what you are going through? Do they know your court rules? No they don’t.

So be careful out there. Do your own research and learn your own court rules. All of your answers to your questions lie within your own court rules.