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Court Pleading Paper Answering a Summons

I have taken the liberty of including a blank court pleading paper in Microsoft Word form that can be edited with your information and printed out to perfection.

This paper shows you where to add the plaintiff’s information and your information. You would then scroll down a few lines, enter your answer and then your affirmative defenses. Two pages are given; this is plenty of room to add those affirmative defenses.

This is a 28 lined pleading paper that can be adjusted to however many lines are needed for your case.

For people who are having problems printing out your answer where you end up with all the numbers on the left side and all the boxes showing, during the print all you need to do is the following:

  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Click the Print Tab
  • Make sure that Drawing Objects is unchecked

The court pleading paper that is edited with all your information should now come out perfectly avoiding any boxes and numbered lines.

Make sure you sign and date your answer and add a certificate of service as your final touch.