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Can You Beat A Credit Card Lawsuit?

Yes, you can! I am sure you are relieved to get that answer.

I have beaten Capital One (the original creditor suing me), LVNV Funding, and Red Rock Lake Financial.

You see, most of the plaintiffs in these cases do not have the proper documentation to prevail in a court of law and they hope that you simply don’t answer your summons so that they can get a default judgment.

If you answer your summons, the chances that the suit will be dismissed are awesome. And as I have stated on this site many times, if the case doesn’t get dismissed right away with your answer, the plaintiff is simply fishing for discovery hoping you make a mistake and they get a summary judgment.

The tactics used by junk debt buyers are not very sneaky at all. Just from me dealing with them I figured this out:

  • The first thing they want is for you not to answer your summons so that they can get a default judgment against you which gives them the legal right to freeze your bank account, garnish your wages etc.

  • For people who answer their summons, most will dismiss the case. However, there are many more out there that proceed onto discovery. Once they see that you have filed your answer they will send you discovery hoping you get confused by the trick questions that they have included

  • For people who answered their entire discovery correctly, I guarantee they won’t answer your discovery and if they do, it will not be on time and it will contain all the same answers which are: client attorney privilege.

You see, they use the same discovery over and over again and send it to every single person they are suing. Mind you, they are suing thousands of people and are bound to lose most cases.

When they file a lawsuit against you, you are just a number to them. Either you are going into the “answered summons” pile or you are going into the “default judgment” pile.

They hope the ‘default judgment’ pile is bigger than the ‘answered summons’ pile and the sad thing is that the ‘default judgment’ pile is a huge stack and the ‘answered summons’ pile is just a few papers.

You want to get into the stack of those few papers, the one where you answered the summons because then you just become ignored, dismissed or simply dropped. They don’t like people like you who have taken the time to educate yourself on your court rules and use them to beat these companies at their own game.

Like I have said, when they receive your copy, they’ll throw it in a stack and get back to it later. Once they get back to it, they’ll review it and see what kind of case you have. If you seem to be nuisance they will either ignore the rest of the case or dismiss it.

The companies who have a lot of time on their hands will sit back and laugh and say “Let’s see what this guy’s got. Send him discovery papers”. Now again, like I just said, this is the same discovery that they send off to every single person they are suing. Just look at their questions; they don’t even make sense half the time. That is because these attorneys are not taking more than five minutes to draft new questions for you. They are simply copying discovery after discovery using the same ones over and over again.

You are nothing special to them. If you didn’t purchase our package, you would spend about four to five hours a day for a week or more drawing up your own discovery to send to them and if you think these guys are doing the same for you, forget it.

Again, you are just a number to them. They simply grab their copy of:

  • Interrogatories
  • Request for documents
  • Request to admit facts

and run them through the copy machine and send them off.

They hope you don’t answer your request to admit facts on time because that is the most important part of discovery. Each court gives you a certain number of days to complete those admissions and if they are not filed within the time allowed, they will be deemed admitted. These guys are hoping you are not aware of that so that you don’t send those off first and on time so they can file a summary judgment against you.

So can you beat your lawsuit?

Yes, you can! They don’t have any documentation, they can hardly ever prove a just and true assignment and they hope that you don’t answer your summons so that that can get default judgments and summary judgments and win.

How can you beat a credit card lawsuit? The answer, my friends, is simple. Answer your summons and answer all discoveries on time and this thing will fade away. They don’t want to waste time on you because you are making them work for their money. They want the people who don’t answer their summons so they can collect a lot of money from them with their default judgment.

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