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Additional Tips for Fighting Debt Collectors In Small Claims Court

Take note of a few of these tips for your debt collections case when taking it to small claims court. We’ve gone over some of it before but you can never be too prepared when representing yourself in court. Don’t let those debt collectors get you down. Beat them at their own game and go to the judge ready to win. Don’t say too much, but make sure to have evidence and say just enough. Expect the unexpected, and ask the judge questions if you need clarity on anything.

Look over this list of additional tips:

  • Get a folder or three-ring binder to organize all your documents in. Make an extra set of copies of all your evidence and documents. This way you have one for yourself and a copy for the judge.

  • Before your case, find out what you can and cannot bring into the courtroom. You don’t want anything hindering you from getting there on time, so don’t bring anything in your purse or wallet that will hold you back at the security checkpoint found at most court buildings. Bring lots of quarters in case you need them for parking meters.

  • Make a good impression on the judge. When being questioned by the debt collector try your best to be polite. This could be challenging but do your best not to be argumentative or sarcastic.

  • Dress for success. Come to your case in a suit if possible or nice, conservative business attire. You may be at a small claims court, but you’re still representing yourself and want to leave a good impression. Make sure to dress the part.

  • Pay close attention to the debt collector’s opening statement. Listen carefully to everything he or she says so that when it’s your turn to speak you can modify as necessary and be prepared to respond to the things they said.

  • When answering a question try not to elaborate too much on your answer because you don’t want to offer additional facts not already covered. You just want to make sure not to say anything that could harm your case.