Ways You Can Win A Credit Card Lawsuit…And It Has Nothing To With The Law

Think you need a lawyer to win against the big bad debt collector wolves? Think again.

Here’s something that most debtors dealing with credit card lawsuits do not know: A defendant has the ability to win a lawsuit against junk debt buyers simply by showing up in court till the very end. You don’t need an expensive lawyer who you’re paying by the hour.

In this blog, we highlight some ways you can hold a firm ground against debt buyers such as Portfolio Recovery and Midland Funding – and it has nothing to do with the law.

The Location of the Debt Collector Lawyer’s Office

You may think that it is a little strange that the location of the debt collector lawyer’s office can potentially make a difference in your lawsuit. More often than not, junk debt buyers employ only two to three law firms to undertake their cases. These junk debt buyers are normally dealing with a hefty volume of such cases, mostly employing just two or three law firms to represent them. This means they would want to get over with your lawsuit as soon as possible because they are pressed for time.

As the lawsuit must be filed near defendant’s location, often debt collector’s attorney end up traveling to an area which is quite far away from the office. In most states, lawyers and attorneys bill the traveling time along with their usual fee. Thus, if their office is several hours away from your home district, debt collector may drop the lawsuit and decide that the case is not worth all the financial resources they are putting in. They may move forward to dismiss it, or settle it on a low-ball settlement.

The Busy Schedule of the Debt Collector’s Lawyer

As mentioned before, debt collector organizations only hire two or three law firms. These debt collection law firms usually comprise of a handful of attorneys who are supposed to do be filing for more than 3,000 cases! So if you happen to have a trial date where the debt collectors don’t have a lawyer to represent them due to pressing work schedule, they may choose to dismiss the case or elect to offer low settlement.

This further goes to mean that by simply being present in the court, you can potentially win the case. You can read about more such tactics and strategies in our carefully developed legal content which includes eBooks, articles, and blogs. Order our best-selling “The Discovery Package” and “The Defendant Package” today and gain a comprehensive knowledge of your rights as a debtor. midland credit management lawsuit