Not Doing Anything About Your Credit Card Lawsuit Won’t Help You – Doing This Will!

Suing for credit card debts is an affluent business. This is mainly because most people do nothing after receiving a complaint. When a creditor files a lawsuit against you, all they need to do is claim that you owe them money. If you do nothing after receiving the notification that a lawsuit has been filed against you, the court will perceive your silence and inaction as an agreement to all the claims filed by the creditor. The court will then pass a judgment in creditor’s favor, and you will end up entering a never-ending cycle of paying the debt collectors – that you may or may not possibly owe.

If you have received a Summons or a Complaint, and are confused about what to do, just give this blog a thorough read.

Mark your Dates

Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to take action. A defendant is given a time period of about 20 days from the moment they receive a complaint to file an answer. Thus, it is important for you to mark or save all the important dates in your calendar.

Review the Claims

Make sure that you read the complaint completely and carefully. It will give you valuable information regarding what you are up against. You may also find that some claims aren’t true. You will only be able to draft a comprehensive answer if you have gone through the complaint in its entirety.


Organize any documents that you may need to prove your answer. Sift through your bank statements and credit card bills to extract as much information you can so that your position in the lawsuit is strengthened.

Show up

Gather as much information as you can on your lawsuit and show up to file your answer within the time frame provided. Remember that a phone call does not make for your physical presence, so be there at the right place on the right time. Most of the times, the plaintiff decides to drop the case or agree to settle on a reduced amount then mentioned in the claim because they don’t want to drag the case because it isn’t financially viable. If you ignore the first complaint, or fail to be present at the trial, you will be a court defaulted.

Understand that you have a limited amount of time to act once you receive a Complaint or a Summons from your creditor’s lawyer. You very well have the capability of fighting this lawsuit. All you need to do is have all the information in pertinence to credit card lawsuits. If you’re looking for a strategy to win, we have just the right solution! Take a look at our developed legal content in the form of eBooks, blogs, and articles on our website. You can also grab your copy of The Defendant Package.