Exploring the Dynamics of Credit Card Lawsuits

When a credit card debt collector threatens a lawsuit, you are legitimately on notice.

The judgment, if not in your favor, can lead to wage garnishment, asset repossession, and liability for the full balance in query.

Listed below are some dynamics of credit card lawsuits that you must explore and be aware of:

You MAY Get Served

When a credit card lawsuit if filed against you, the creditor or the debt collection agency will notify you of the claim, along with the date, on which you must present before the judge in court. How you get notified of this varies from state to state. However, most commonly, you may receive a certified mail.

The Day in Court

Even if you are extremely sure of the fact that you owe a certain amount, showing up in the court is indispensable as it can improve your chances of winning. The creditors and debt collection agencies usually benefit from the defendant not showing up in the court as it leads to default judgment.

Moreover, by appearing in the court, you can question the plaintiff to provide solid evidence and supporting documents. In some cases, they may lack this. That’s particularly true if your credit card company trades off your debt contract to a debt collection agency. This is because the stipulations of such sales often liberate creditors from having to provide evidence for the authenticity of their reports. Devoid of proof, a debt collector will never be able to win over you.

Court Judgments

There are different ways that courts can give out a verdict on a credit card debt lawsuit.

They can discharge the case upon finding out that you are indebted less than the amount challenged. Moreover, the judges can rule in the plaintiff’s favor and demand imbursement of the total balance. All in all, the decision that is eventually attained in your case will depend on your existence in court and the substantiation in opposition to you.

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