The Defendant’s Package

Win your Credit Card Lawsuit without Attorney!

  • verything you need to win your credit card lawsuit!
  • Simple to follow. Written in Plain English
  • Sample Court Documents Included
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Learn tricks used to get credit card cases dismissed immediately

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The Defendant’s Package give you all the information you need to successfully defend your credit card lawsuit.
This excellent self-help guide, you will learn:

  • Learn how to answer your Summons
  • Successfully File a Motion to Dismiss
  • Include Court Document Examples
  • Respond to Creditor’s Questions
  • Use Affirmative Defense to win case
  • Get Suit Dismissed due to lack of evidence
  • "Who would have thought that by spending so little by purchasing your Defendant’s Package would end up saving me $12,000 in the lawsuit that was filed against me for an old Citibank credit card I defaulted on? Best money I have ever spent! Lawsuit was dropped after I answered!!!! Thank you… "

    -Martin Kris

  • “I almost didn’t answer my summons because I couldn’t afford a lawyer and I didn’t know what I was doing. I am so glad that I bought this package, I just copied most of your stuff and LVNV dismissed the case. My credit is saved!!!!”

    - Ross B. Indiana ($14,300.00 Lawsuit)

  • “Thank you so very much for your information and help. I just purchased your package. I have never been involved with the courts and had no idea where to start. It seems some people still like to take advantage of others in a distressed state. I am so thankful I found your site...”

    – Aj from Indiana (Power to the People!)


Everything you need to win a Junk Debt Buyer's Lawsuit can be found in this package!


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