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Debt Consolidation

It is highly advised that anyone paying credit card debt take part in debt consolidation. Credit cards can carry a much higher interest rate than an unsecured loan from a bank. With debt consolidation one takes out one loan to pay off many others, and this is often done in an effort to secure a […]

The Best Student Credit Cards

There are credit cards specifically designed for students over the age of 18. American college students can begin building their credit history with student credit cards. It is also useful for everyday expenses such as utilities and groceries, apart from using it for larger purchases, rent and mortgage loans. Most student credit cards offer rewards […]

Will Judgment Lower Your Credit Score?

Among the top 10 worst things you can do to your credit record is having a court judgment filed against you for unpaid debt. It is important to understand that any court judgment against you for unpaid debt to a business or individual will remain on your credit report for seven years. Therefore, the answer […]

Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is a process that allows a private or public company, or sovereign entity facing cash flow issues to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts so they can improve and restore liquidity. Debt restructuring helps these organizations who are in financial distress rehabilitate so they can continue their operations. They also use it to […]