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What Happens After I Sue a Debt Collector?

In my previous posts, I outlined the basic steps involved in filing a lawsuit against a debt collector for violating federal debt collection laws. You can read my earlier posts here. This post focuses on what happens after you have served papers on a debt collector. Now that you have filed your lawsuit against an […]

Dealing with Debt Collectors Best Practices

This articles touches on the do’s and don’ts when dealing with Debt Collectors. Fortunately, there are many state and federal laws that protect consumers from overly aggressive debt collectors. So, it’s important that you know your rights. The tips in this article also help preserve your rights to sue debt collectors who break the law. […]

How to Answer Debt Validation Letters

If you are currently dealing with debt collectors or trying to clear your credit report, you have probably found a lot of information regarding Debt Validation Letters. This is a letter that a consumer sends to the debt collector requesting validation of a debt that is on their credit report or that the collection agency […]

Tricks Debt Collectors Use

It shouldn’t be surprising that Debt Collectors are never depicted well in movies or TV shows. We know that they are not charitable folk who care about your new baby or your four year old who broke his arm. Neither do they lose a moment’s sleep because you have been made redundant or have been […]

Defending Yourself Against Collection Agency Lawsuits – Questions to Ask Yourself

When you were served your Summons and Complaint, were you thinking the same things I was? Here are the questions that went through my head when I was served by several collection agencies and an original creditor. I won three cases in a court of law. I’ve mixed all three cases up. I wanted to […]

Old Credit Card Debt Lawsuits Can You Get Away With It?

If you have old credit card debt, will it come back to haunt you? Absolutely. There is no doubt about it. The process is simple for creditors: You stop making your payments. Then they keep sending you bills tacking on interest and late fees until your bill is amazingly high and that $30.00 payment you […]

When A Junk Debt Buyer Checks Your Credit Reports

What this usually means, in my opinion, is that they are checking out your assets to see if you are worth suing or not. Your employer is most likely listed within your credit report which lets them know where you are working. That’s scary. They are checking to see if you own a home, car, […]

Debt Collector Threats Jail

Under no circumstances can a collection agency call you up and threaten you with jail or say that they are going to send the FBI after you to scare you so that you pay up. Believe it or not, that is what some collection agencies will do. They try to scare you into thinking that […]

Debt Collection Lawsuit Collection Agency Original Creditor

Original creditor suing you through a collection attorney: You opened a credit card with ABC bank. You didn’t make your payments for a few months and the bank called you and you failed to work out a payment arrangement. The bank got sick and tired of you ignoring their notices and phone calls so they […]

Debt Collection Lawsuit Junk Debt Buyers

Debt collection lawsuits are fairly easy to win especially if the plaintiff happens to be a junk debt buyer. Debt collection lawsuits are on the rise as consumers face tough times trying to pay their bills due to economic pressures. People who are not able to pay their bills are defaulting on their credit cards. […]