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No Original Contract in Summons For Credit Card Lawsuit

Well done for taking notice of the fact that the plaintiff did not attach the original contract to the summons/complaint. Now you are off to a good start. Google your state’s rules of trial procedure. Look under ‘written instruments’ or ‘pleading special matters’ and look again for either ‘written instruments’ or ‘pleading and proof of […]

Answer Junk Debt Buyer Interrogatories

Interrogatories are a set of questions that the junk debt buyer will ask you to find out more information. In reality, they hope that their questions will trip you up and get you to admit to the debt so that they can file a default judgment. They will ask you questions about your bank account, […]

What Happens After You’ve Been Served for Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

Look at the Summons and read your Complaint. You need to ask yourself the following questions: Does your state require the written instrument to be attached to the Complaint? This means the contract that they are suing you for. If so, is it attached? Find out by checking your local court rules of trial procedure: […]

Being Sued for an Open Credit Card

An open account is where the terms of your agreement and payments change constantly. One month you may owe $30.00, the next month $50.00, and the next $500.00 depending on what day you make your payment. Whereas a written contract demands payment of the same amount on a specific day, every single month. With credit […]

Court Pleading Paper Answering a Summons

I have taken the liberty of including a blank court pleading paper in Microsoft Word form that can be edited with your information and printed out to perfection. This paper shows you where to add the plaintiff’s information and your information. You would then scroll down a few lines, enter your answer and then your […]

Received Civil Summons

Has the sheriff come knocking on your door or did you receive a summons by certified mail? Either way, it’s important to do something about it or you are going to get a default judgment against you. The first thing you want to do is check your court rules and check what the plaintiff has […]

Answering a Civil Complaint in Florida

If you are a resident of Florida and have been served with a civil summons, this means someone has filed a lawsuit against you. The summons lets you know that you have been sued and notifies you as to when you have to respond to the lawsuit. The civil complaint usually gives you a certain […]

Answer a Credit Card Debt Lawsuit Collection Agency

If a collection agency is suing you and you have received a summons and complaint, the next step is to: File a notice to appear. By filing a notice of appearance, you will prevent the court from entering a default judgment against you without a court hearing. This also guarantees that you will be informed […]

Answer Credit Card Summons Template

People who are sued do not know the correct format to answer their credit card summons. Pro Se defendants should just copy the top portion of the plaintiff’s complaint. Make sure you name the plaintiff and defendant exactly how it appears on the summons and make sure that the cause number is included. The right […]

How Long After Summons Do You Get a Default Judgment

If you don’t answer your credit card summons, collection agencies/junk debt buyers do not hesitate for one minute. They take advantage and act straight away. If your summons states you have 20 days to answer and you fail to do so, they will get a default judgment against you the very next day. If you […]